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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Official Blog Gets 1,000 Visitors Today

AFTF Official Blog gets 1,000 visitors today!

Thanks to WhatReallyHappened for the link love.

AFTF "Field of Dreams" Volunteer Feedback

One of our AFTF volunteers in the greater Dallas area shared this feedback today:


In the spirit of "Field of Dreams", . . . "If you build it, they will come"!

Last night's "Terrorstorm" event, hosted by Alex Jones, drew an "SRO-crowd" in excess of 900 excited movie-goers. When I spoke with Mark Lee, President of the Lakewood Theater in Dallas earlier in the week, he informed me that "standing room only" was substantially in excess of 900 patrons.There was definitely standing room only! The lower auditorium and the balcony were full to capacity! The lobby was full as well as the common areas and outside of the Theater! Alex Jones was on fire! His film exposes the London bombings as a hoax, orchestrated by the British Government, in the same vain as "Loose Change 2nd Edition" equates our government with the 9ll Event.

Our Volunteers distributed in excess of 800 AFTF Flyers and more than 1,000 Mini CD's. The excitement at this event was more than enough to overcome the 100 degree weather. The crowd was overwhelming! They created a line the entire length of the Theater and around the building, making it impossible to find a parking space. Parking lots were full and Private Parking Lots were charging $10.00 per car, stacking them two deep, begging the question, "How will they ever get out?"

Although several different special-interest groups were represented, there was one Spirit and one accord, sharing the building and resources. (As Aaron has remarked many times, "Stop being good Democrats, Stop being good Republicans, Start being good Americans".) This was a theater chocked full of good Americans supporting the Constitution, in unison. I believe Aaron would be proud! He got his wish for at least one night!

In addition, we met lots of interested people and potential Volunteers from smaller, surrounding communities that are on fire!

What a successful evening!

And The Buzz Goes On!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Erich "Mancow" Muller on AFTF: "This film is a wakeup call"

Nationally syndicated radio talkshow host and TV commentator, Erich "Mancow" Muller on AFTF:

"Director Aaron Russo did a movie called Trading Places. Two old codgers tried to mess with little guy, Eddie Murphy, it's hillarious. Well, in his new documentary, America: Freedom To Fascism, Russo reveals how the IRS is like those two old codgers, and the rest of us, well we're like a nation of Eddie Murphys, being suckered into illegally paying for their party. Infuriating yet fascinating, the IRS has made America a prison without bars, and us hardworking Americans are nothing but slaves. This film is a wakeup call to all the drones, all the sheeple, all the P.C. people that keep paying." Listen to the MP3 audio!

AFTF Hits the IMAX BIG SCREEN on Chicago's Navy Pier September 21, 2006

Aaron Russo is planning to attend this screening. Navy Pier's IMAX Theatre holds just over 500. Please tell everyone you know about this special "one night only" event!

Click here for more details..

AFTF Creators: Allen & Art Pollock

Allen and Art Pollock at the University Of Delaware
displaying their banner and handing out promo dvd's to students and others
to help promote the film at a busy intersection.

AFTF Volunteer Art Pollock's banner on his trailer which has been there
for about 5 to 6 months now and has been seen in about 26 states and Canada.

For more information about the AFTF promotional DVD, please visit

The DVD has all Trailers, the 14 minute movie preview Trailer, PLUS the CMN interview with Aaron Russo and the Call to action, from Aaron Russo.
This is NOT I repeat NOT the Full length America: Freedom To Fascism Film.

Thursday, August 24, 2006 plugs AFTF Again!

What newsworthy event prompted such coverage? Mr. Sheen announced that he thinks the government has been covering up the truth about 9/11. Charlie thinks 9/11 was an inside job!

Charlie Sheen on 911

Two of Sheen's fellow actors, Ed Asner and Ed Begley, Jr, agree with him.

Ed Asner Talks About 911 - video

Ed Begley, Jr. and tribute to the fallen: very inspirational

And so does movie director Aaron Russo.




Dear AFTF Volunteers:

I just got off the phone with Aaron. He has secured a continued commitment with Cinema Libre and we have a tentative list of 13 cities which he is committing to screening AFTF during September-October as follows:

1. Atlanta
2. Austin
3. Chicago
4. Dallas
5. Los Angeles
6. Nashville
7. Orlando
8. Portland
9. Philadelphia area - Allentown, PA
10. Salt Lake City
11. Seattle
12. Tuscon and/or Phoenix
13. Washington DC

We NEED - ASAP - from our local volunteers in these cities a list a theatres we can book Aaron's movie into NOW!!

Leads, names, numbers, addresses and any other information about local volunteer support/commitments for promotion, etc. need to be organized and shared with Aaron and Cinema Libre NOW!

Also, Aaron and I are in the process of delegating leadership responsibilities to key AFTF volunteers to ensure this 13-city rollout is a resounding success. We need key volunteer leaders to oversee some of the work across the country in the following areas:

targeting theatrical venues
organizing volunteer meetings
organizing private screenings
contacting endorsement contacts
organizing radio and television interviews
setting up newspaper interviews
flyer copying and distribution
promo dvd copying and distribution
volunteering at the theatres to pass out literature, etc.

All of this work will be coordinated between Aaron, Cinema Libre and our local volunteer leaders in each city. Please be ready to step up with open arms to help out and share some positive energy to make this happen!

Aaron and Cinema Libre want to complete this booking schedule in the next week!

Aaron Russo will be on our national daily AFTF volunteer conference call beginning at 6:26 pm Central time. Please be sure to join this call!!

Press "2"
Enter code
Press "#"

Thanks for your continued help and support!

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
AFTF National Volunteer Coordinator
312-602-2568 w
847-878-8090 c

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Aaron Russo Unplugged

Aaron Russo speaks candidly about his movie "America: Freedom to Fascism" Shot on location at the Landmark Cinema and Borders books in ... all » Chicago on 7/30/06

Listen to Aaron discuss 9/11, being asked to join the CFR, the creation of Women's Lib movement, personal stories and much more.


Special thanks to Gary Franchi, Founder of the Lone Lantern Society for producing this video.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna file my 1040 anymore!"

More reviews coming in at the official blog.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

1,000 Visitors To The Unofficial Blog

1,000 visitors to the unoffical blog in one day. For two days in a row.

Thanks to for the link love.

AFTF Freedom Bus Memories: July 29, 2006

Marcy Brooks, the now famous Illinois juror in AFTF, myself and some 30+ other members of the local core of Chicago-area AFTF volunteers sing the Star Spangled Banner prior to leaving from 47th & Lake Park in Hyde Park on Chicago's south side. The heat was 100+ with high humidity, but there were smiles all around. Fred Smart - reporting

Michael Rivero's Links to AFTF

Freedom To Fascism: The unofficial blog
Posted Aug 11, 2006 06:47 PM PST
Category: LEBANON

Thanks to AFTF volunteer, Carol Caldwell, for the heads up! Click here

Friday, August 11, 2006

Photo Memories of The AFTF Tampa Premier

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

AFTF Volunteers Harry McKay, dressed up as Patrick Henry, and Carol Caldwell, make sure to adhere to the "five (5) foot" rule outside the AMC 24 in Tampa Florida on July 29, 2006.

Photo by Robert "the photographer should get credit!" Caldwell

Thursday, August 10, 2006

CNBC Bette Midler/Michael Eisner on Aaron Russo

Michael Eisner interviewed Bette Midler on April 26, 2006. Aaron Russo managed Bette's career for several years, incuding casting her as Janice Joplin in his movie, The Rose.

Well, it came at just the right time for me, because I had had-- big success with The Rose. And-- I never got another job. I never got another phone call. The studio eventually called me back and said, "Well, we'll make a-- we'll do--" this was during the time of Jinxed, my second picture. I lost my manager-- or excuse me, I excused my manager.

Aaron Russo?

I left my manager, the famous Aaron Russo, who was a real-- I-- I have to say, a real light n my life. He was a very exciting person to-- to be in business with.

He recently ran for Governor--


--of Nevada.

--yes. He was-- he's a fearless kinda guy.

He's got a documentary out-- about to come out, about how you don't have to pay your axes.

(LAUGHS) That sounds right.

I've seen it.

Click here for more

Wednesday, August 09, 2006 Strongly Endorses/Reviews AFTF

Aaron Russo Uncovers America From 'Freedom to Fascism'

Phil Brennan,
Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2006

Film Review:
"America: Freedom to Fascism"
A Film by Aaron Russo

Do you know which law requires you to file an income tax form? Is the Federal Reserve System a part of the federal government or a privately owned bank?

Ask most Americans to name the law that mandates the filing of income tax forms and they'll tell you they can't � but they're sure it's in there someplace.

As award-winning film producer Aaron Russo ("The Rose," "Trading Places") claims in this blockbuster of a film, it's not. "There is no law," Russo insisted to

If they think about it at all, most Americans think the Federal Reserve System � the all-powerful central bank that produces our currency and controls credit � is an agency of the federal government.

Click here for the complete story

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Is North Korea Sponsoring Counterfeit FRNs?

U.S. fights 'unprecedented effort' by North Korea to fake currency
By FOSTER KLUG Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - For those who have handled them, North Korean "supernotes" are virtually indistinguishable from the $100 bills they mimic, near-perfect forgeries of the most widely circulated American bank note outside the United States.


U.S. officials respond that state-sponsored counterfeiting could undermine confidence in a key pillar of American strength abroad and erode the dollar's importance as a global currency.

Click here for more

Monday, August 07, 2006

Aaron Russo's Must See Film

Freedom to Fascism - A Must-See Film by Aaron Russo - by Stephen Lendman

Aaron Russo has produced an important and powerful documentary film titled Freedom to Fascism that should be must viewing for everyone. It's now playing in theaters in selective cities around the US and hopefully will be shown abroad as well as what happens in the most powerful country on earth affects all others for better or worse. No one seeing this film will doubt it's frighteningly for the worst.

Read more here.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

AFTF #2 Grossing Film In America Per Box Office!

"America: Freedom to Fascism" is the #2 grossing film in America on per box office basis!

Listen here.

The Amazing Energy of David Noe From Bethlehem PA

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

David Noe with Aaron Russo at the NYC Premier of AFTF on 7/28/06

There were dozens of incredible stories of volunteers going "that extra mile" to make a difference during this opening premier week. Chief among these stories is that of David Noe from Bethlehem PA who single-handedly organized and paid for a luxury bus to drive 35+ individuals from Allentown, PA to the AFTF NYC premier on July 28th. Not only did David get the bus, but also had a BIG 9' X 4' AFTF banner made up which was plastered on the side of the bus. But that wasn't all..... Noe paid for 3 days of a good-sized black and white & color advertisement which told of his "free bus ride" offer to NYC to see the premier of AFTF. One of his local AFTF volunteers contacted the local Allentown paper to urge a reporter to write a story which they did - see below.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The AFTF Freedom Bus From Allentown, PA

This is just one man's energy! And David Noe isn't slowing down! He's already planning on renting a BIG billboard ad as another down payment on publicity and marketing to bring Aaron's movie to the greater Allentown-Bethlehem PA area.

Trucker antes up for 'Freedom' trip

By Kathy Lauer-Williams Of The Morning Call

David Noe of Bethlehem is spending nearly $3,000 of his own money to take a busload of strangers to New York to see Aaron Russo's documentary "America: From Freedom to Fascism".

But the 42-year-old truck driver says the money is well worth it if the movie — Aaron Russo's documentary ''America: From Freedom to Fascism,'' — opens their eyes to abuses he believes are going on in our government.

Click here for the complete article

Santa Monica, California's "West Side Chronicle" Reviews AFTF

America: Freedom to Fascism

Movie Review By Devra Z. Hill

August 6, 2006

I don�t know anyone who enjoys paying income taxes but most people think it�s the law. This eye-opening documentary exposes the fact that there is no law saying the average American citizen has to pay income taxes. Aaron Russo is an award winning filmmaker who produced The Rose and Trading Places. Recently, he decided to discover the truth behind this no law rumor concerning the ratification of the 16th Amendment also known as the �Tax Amendment.

He interviews government officials from the IRS, FBI, Politicians and tax attorneys and authors to find out exactly what is the Federal Reserve. Even he is surprised that the Federal Reserve is not part of our federal government but is a private banking corporation operated by unidentified private bankers. The Federal Reserve has the right to counterfeit money because now money is not backed by gold! The Federal Reserve is a banking cartel. Thus the government works for a private bank and the bank works for its owners. The Federal Reserve is an illegal corporation.

Click here for more

Saturday, August 05, 2006

AFTF Feedback From "Mary" in Chicago

I originally met "Mary" in mid-June at the Chicago Tribune Foundation's "Freedom Museum" where she was serving as a volunteer.

- Fred Smart reporting

AFTF Activist Lunch in Chicago

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aaron is joined by Katherine Albrecht, author of "Spychips" and Chicago-area activists Mariel Hummer, Anita Wilson, and Karen McCoo at Captain Hardtimes Restaurant, 457 E. 79th Street in Chicago's south side, on Tuesday afternoon prior to Aaron's departure to Los Angeles.

Chicago AFTF Freedom Bus

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Juror Marcy Brooks and some 30+ other AFTF "Freedom Riders" drove from the south side of Chicago to see Aaron Russo and his movie on Saturday, July 29th. The temperatures were over 100 degrees and the humidity could be cut with a knife. We kicked off the ride with a chorus of the Star Spangled Banner.

Aaron with Bishop Mullins at New Aubundant Life Church in Chicago

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aaron spoke to members of Bishop Mullin's church, New Aubundant Life Church, on Sunday, July 30th. Aaron was a guest on Bishop Mullin's weekly radio show - WBGX AM 1570 in Chicago - the previous Monday - by phone - and again the next day, 7/31, in person.

Friday, August 04, 2006

It's A Hit!

According to Nielsen EDI, Inc., the top moneymaker at the box office this past weekend (July 28-30) was Miami Vice, which earned over $25 million from more than 3000 theaters in its first weekend. In a field of 126 movies currently playing in theaters, Aaron Russo's latest film, America: Freedom to Fascism, also in its debut week, was only five points below the top grossing film, in terms of revenue per theater.

Read more here.

A Message From Aaron Russo

Consistent Standing Ovations Throughout America

Aaron Russo's 'America: Freedom to Fascism' Opens To Sold Out Theaters Film Grossed approximately $90,000 This Past Week In Test Markets

LOS ANGELES - It was a rush to the box office last week as Aaron Russo's hot documentary "America: Freedom to Fascism" opened in test markets in New York, Chicago, Austin, Tampa and Kansas City. The estimated box office last week was approximately $90,000.

Russo used the test markets to evaluate audience response before spreading it across the country. The film was met with standing ovations and excellent exit polls. Russo feels that the prints could be technically improved, so he has made a decision to pull the film from theaters as of last night (Thursday). He will be upgrading the quality of the prints and releasing the film this September in time for the political season. The film will be released in many theaters across the country.

In Austin, TX the Friday evening show sold out by mid-morning. Chicago's Landmark Century Centre sold out their Saturday evening show so quickly, they had to move it to a larger room.

"I am gratified by the consistent standing ovations that the film is getting throughout America. The exit ratings have been incredibly high," said Russo. "The people of America are eager to learn the truth about how our government functions. It is time for the American people to understand that the Supreme Court has consistently ruled that the 16th Amendment did not give the government the authority to impose a direct unapportioned tax on the labor of the people. The IRS Code does not trump Supreme Court decisions. The Supreme Court has defined income, and it is neither wages nor labor."

The film, which has strong appeal to niche markets, has received phenomenal support from the grassroots and online community.

AFTF Pulled From Dallas Theater

Michelle Shinghal — With bated breath, I have waited for Aaron Russo’s movie to come back to Dallas. The Angelika screened America: Freedom to Fascism several months ago. I was unable to obtain a ticket but have been watching the trailers posted across the Web. The movie was scheduled to open this weekend, again at the Dallas Angelika, but I could not view showtimes on the Angelika site. A quick phone call provided information that the film had been pulled by its distributor. There are no Dallas dates shown on the movie site, so I am wondering what happened. Do any of you guys know? In the meantime, I will breathe- blue is not a good color for me.

Read here.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report, Reviews Film

Posted 3 August, 2006

Aaron Russo is looking for donations to help get the movie into theaters, having raised now nearly $400,000. When he had raised less than $50,000, I almost invested $100,000 into his project, but before I could do so, I had to see if I could approve of his "call to action". Unfortunately, I could not do so in good conscience. His call is to oppose world government.

I was hoping, therefore, that the call to action in Aaron Russo's film, America: Freedom to Fascism, would be for people to buy gold and silver--as that truly will solve the vast majority of human economic problems. (I don't care whether or not he mentions the great harlot.) I would have backed the film if the call to action was to buy silver or gold. But I spoke with Aaron Russo on the phone, and he said he could not include buying gold or silver as the final call to action, since that would be, according to him, "investment advice" or some such nonsense, and besides, the movie already spoke about buying gold and silver in the middle of the film.

I have a feeling that I've failed somehow. I have a feeling that this is one reason why Satan succeeds; Christians who agree on so much, still can't get together to help one another. I may not be able to back the movie financially, but I can tell you about it, and urge you to see it, with the understanding of why I cannot endorse its "call to action".

I have not seen the film yet, but I look forward to seeing it soon--and I hope that you go see it, too. I also hope that you agree with me that the best call to action, that helps other men the most, is to merely buy gold and silver. Buying gold is not just a literal action, not just an investment action, not only a political action, but also a deeply spiritual action that embraces so many of God's teachings.

Read article here.

GNN.TV Audio From "Live" Post AFTF Q & A Interview on 7/30

America: Freedom To Fascism
Sun, 30 Jul 2006 23:08:05 -0700
Related Blog
America: Freedom To Fascism
Asset B17199 Posted By nada

Homepage for America: “Freedom To Fascism”
Exclusive: Aaron Russo Question and Answer

Aaron Russo’s new documentary film begins with a quote from Orwell and a preamble.

“In times of universal Deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary action”

Then the screen reads that what Russo set out to do with this film was find out whether the citizens of the United States are required to pay federal income tax by law, but what he found out along the way became the focus of the film.

The beginning of this film focuses on that original question:
“Do we all (by law) have to pay a federal income tax?”

Surprisingly the answer to this question is a resounding “No!” in the opinion of the many people interviewed for this film.

It seems although the mainstream media has not touched the issue there have been numerous “ancient” as well as recent court cases centering around just this question. The first argument put out by the film is that the original 16th amendment is not law on two(almost three) different grounds.

First of all the constitutionally required amount of state legislatures did not ratify the constitutional amendment, therefore the law is invalid, because the federal legislature did not have the ability to make an amendment to the constitution without the requisite state legislatures.


There's a link to the 15 minute Q & A in the Landmark Theatre immediately following the screening on 7/30. There's also a link to the 90 minute Q & A at the Borders Bookstore which followed the Landmark Q & A.

Here's the link

Aaron Russo Talks About The New York Times

Four days before the New York opening of Aaron Russo's latest film, America: Freedom to Fascism--a documentary that received nationwide standing ovations at prescreenings that were filled to capacity--Aaron was interviewed by the New York Times. Just a half an hour after his interview with David Cay Johnston of the New York Times, Aaron was a guest on the Peter Mac Show hosted by Peter McCandless. Here's what Aaron had to say about that interview.

Listen here.

Chicago Reader Reviews AFTF

This is a "free" publication.

Here's the link

Movie Review Query Engine

Many new reviews have been coming in about AFTF.

Here's the main link

New York Times - (registration required)
Box Office Magazine
Entertainment Insiders
Slant Magazine
Chicago Tribune
Austin Chronicle
James Bowman
The Onion AV Club
Lobo Howls (Judith Wolfe)

AFTF Five (5) City Run to End Today

Cinema Libre should have an announcement about this fact - hopefully later today.

Here's was was sent out to the volunteers on August 1st - see below.

Dear AFTF Volunteers:

I am out of breath!! Could barely get to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs get wiped out by the Arizona Diamondbacks 4-15 (415) - what an interesting number.

Here's a report I sent to Cinema Libre that will begin to give you some idea of what went on this past weekend from my perspective - see below.

I heard earlier this evening that reported gross weekend sales of some $64K+ for AFTF through Sunday.

Aaron will be announcing the close out of this limited 5 city release later this week. Plans will then focus on a range of current other cities, but we need funding!

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
AFTF National Volunteer Coordinator
312-602-2568 w
847-878-8090 c

PS. Katherine Albrecht, co-author of Spychips - - arrived in Chicago today and will be meeting with Aaron during the day prior to his departure for LA and then speaking at Transitions Bookplace - - tomorrow at 7 pm.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Fred Smart <>
Date: Jul 31, 2006 3:43 PM
Subject: Re: America Weekend Box Office
To: Khadijah Rashid <>
Cc: others


It's been very busy here in Chicago. This is the first time I've been online since 7/29 in the late afternoon.

Here's the rundown:

Kansas City turned away 30 for the opening on Friday and was packed Saturday. Peter McCandless said he will be getting together with the AMC contact for a complete count later today. I am sure Aaron is getting these numbers. He was talking about the Friday-Saturday returns yesterday around noontime.

Tampa theatres were "filled up" according to volunteers I have been in contact with.

Austin was a complete sellout for the peaktimes.

Chicago was 90% filled for the premier. They expanded the seating to 220 for Saturday's screenings. Aaron's 7:05 pm screening was a complete sellout. He received a standing ovation. I was able to finally track down Marcy Brooks, the juror, who suddenly was spotted by one of our volunteers on Friday afternoon attending the screening in Woodfield IL. I got in touch with her and she followed me downtown Chicago and hopped in my van and came with me/us to the south side of Chicago where we got on the school bus in the blazing hot Chicago heat during "Venitian Night" festivities all along the lakeshore in Chicago. Marcy introduced Aaron on Saturday which worked out perfectly since Cliff Kelly, the WVON black radio personality cancelled at the last minute - he came on Sunday instead. Mayoral candidate Bill "Doc" Walls came to all three openings - Friday, Saturday, Sunday - and spoke. Borders Books across the street from the Landmark in Chicago accomodated their entire second floor for some 100 individuals - standing room only - who came to a "follow-up Q & A" with Aaron, Doc - and Cliff for Sunday - on Saturday and Sunday. The level of passion and interest Aaron, his work, this movie and the obvious implications for the future of our country has been nothing less than amazing...... This thing seems to be, to use a cliche, "taking on life of it's own."

Note: The Esquire Theatre on Oak Street in Chicago was not well attended according to eyewitness reports which were confirmed by Aaron.

New York's premier with Aaron was a complete sellout. One of our leading volunteers, Ian Farrar, said to me earlier today that he brought 27 people himself. The 72nd street location, by contrast, was not well attended.

The celluloid prints finally arrived in the theatres for yesterday's screenings. The quality was "pretty bad" for those who have already seen the DVD version. However, this really didn't seem to bother the new attendees of the movie. I spoke with one gentleman in line at Borders Books who was buying a coffee in route to the follow-up Q & A session and he said he came across with the impression that the poor quality of the film was actually an intentional technique by Aaron which made the movie "seem only that much more Orwellian."

There are hundreds of these little vignettes and stories which I could go on and on about these past 2-3 days. In a nutshell I will say this: this weekend seemed to open up a vast transcendent ball of energy, excitement and interest in this film. A significant movement for
positive social, economic and political change seems to be rising above the darkness of our world. If you could have been on the yellow school bus with Marcy Brooks and 35+ other blacks from the south side of Chicago on that seamy, hot Saturday night - as the bright lights of ALL the big boats in Lake Michigan were floating offshore as we snaked our way to our destination at the Landmark Theatre on 2828 North would have felt something very BIG manifesting in the tenor, tone and spirit of the individuals on that bus. It was HOT!! It was HUMID!! And it was SLOW! But everyone was filled with this sense of positive energy and spirit that something very BIG was about to happen. Only 2-3 people on that bus had seen Aaron's movie and by the end of that night I can say that the black community in Chicago was fully planted with the seeds of light and truth in the wake of experiencing the movie and spirit and feedback from Marcy. Doc Walls and Aaron.

My voicemail boxes have been so flooded with messages that I can barely keep up. They want Aaron on two radio stations in Gary Indiana. New volunteers want to step in Gary, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Milwaukee and elsewhere, etc. This young lady from Chicago who claims to have the # 2 podcast rankings worldwide saw the movie last night and was so excited to interview Aaron that she sent for her producer who came to see Aaron as the follow-up Q & A. We're trying to arrange some time for Aaron to be interviewed by this woman sometime today-tomorrow.

As I said, there's a lot more I could write about. Aaron spoke and was very well received by a black church on the west side of Chicago yesterday and he will be interviewed live on a 2 hour radio show by the same black pastor on his weekly radio show tonight.

The follow-up possibilities are endless. But an explosion of white light energy has been received and is being celebrated to the best of my limited vision as a coordinator here in Chicago.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tennessee State Rep. Links To AFTF

Blogging Republican State Representative from Knoxville, Tennessee Stacey Campfield links to Aaron Russo interview.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Silent Coup d''etat

Although Russo's accompanying narration can sound a bit overwrought—he refers to 1913 as the year all-powerful banking interests led a "silent coup d'état of the American government"—America: Freedom to Fascism doesn't come across like the ravings of some disgruntled conspiracy theorist, preaching gloom and doom. Filmmaking lapses aside, this is an impassioned and generally persuasive film that rings all too eerily true. In the end, whether or not you agree with Russo's assertions, America: Freedom to Fascism certainly provides ample food for thought—and perhaps fodder for heated debate—about the current state of the union.

See more reviews coming in at the official blog.