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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tennessee State Rep. Links To AFTF

Blogging Republican State Representative from Knoxville, Tennessee Stacey Campfield links to Aaron Russo interview.


Blogger Roberta Kelly said...

Take it easy Aaron. Conservation is a reality in the 21st Century and this begins right at home in our own human body, first and formost, as you know. Conserve your energy so you can fully heal. (From your Jewish mother in Portland Oregon.)

Congrats on the film. I am excited every day to awaken and see the new photos of crowds.

I hope your film becomes the tsunami internationally real soon because the time and energy to shift a major downturn in the imminent demise of our world economy has been significantly shortened with the neocons being given the green light by the ruling elite, to continue waging war on the Middle East, for their full spectrum dominance and America's complete loss of liberty.

My own personal business fight here with the Fed is ongoing. Your film last Feb. empowered me with the inspiration to do what I can, with respect to my own reality in stopping the banking fraud.

Thus, I share this for all lovers of liberty:

Write letters to the Attorney Generals in every state, demanding that they reel in the national banks and the Fed, for fraud.

What fraud? Well, anyone who signed for a mortgage note or any type of "credit" and wasn't fully disclosed to (full disclosure is an absolute mandatory requirement by all lending institutions), that "inflation" was the printing of too much money into circulation and thus, interest rates would climb in order to pay for the glut of printed money, illegal war, etc. --


Every person who has a debt with a bank should write and demand to see the disclosure that they signed, where they agreed, to this fraud that is touted as "inflationary" by the Fed.

A class action lawsuit against David Rockefeller, et al. and his family personally would suffice. After all, he and his family are the basic owners of all the "creditor" institutions that are stealing the wealth of America by way of "inflation" -- Council on Foregin Relations, Trilateral Commission, etc. and so on.

all the best

8:33 AM  
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