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Thursday, August 03, 2006

GNN.TV Audio From "Live" Post AFTF Q & A Interview on 7/30

America: Freedom To Fascism
Sun, 30 Jul 2006 23:08:05 -0700
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America: Freedom To Fascism
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Homepage for America: “Freedom To Fascism”
Exclusive: Aaron Russo Question and Answer

Aaron Russo’s new documentary film begins with a quote from Orwell and a preamble.

“In times of universal Deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary action”

Then the screen reads that what Russo set out to do with this film was find out whether the citizens of the United States are required to pay federal income tax by law, but what he found out along the way became the focus of the film.

The beginning of this film focuses on that original question:
“Do we all (by law) have to pay a federal income tax?”

Surprisingly the answer to this question is a resounding “No!” in the opinion of the many people interviewed for this film.

It seems although the mainstream media has not touched the issue there have been numerous “ancient” as well as recent court cases centering around just this question. The first argument put out by the film is that the original 16th amendment is not law on two(almost three) different grounds.

First of all the constitutionally required amount of state legislatures did not ratify the constitutional amendment, therefore the law is invalid, because the federal legislature did not have the ability to make an amendment to the constitution without the requisite state legislatures.


There's a link to the 15 minute Q & A in the Landmark Theatre immediately following the screening on 7/30. There's also a link to the 90 minute Q & A at the Borders Bookstore which followed the Landmark Q & A.

Here's the link


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