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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Dear AFTF Volunteers:

I just got off the phone with Aaron. He has secured a continued commitment with Cinema Libre and we have a tentative list of 13 cities which he is committing to screening AFTF during September-October as follows:

1. Atlanta
2. Austin
3. Chicago
4. Dallas
5. Los Angeles
6. Nashville
7. Orlando
8. Portland
9. Philadelphia area - Allentown, PA
10. Salt Lake City
11. Seattle
12. Tuscon and/or Phoenix
13. Washington DC

We NEED - ASAP - from our local volunteers in these cities a list a theatres we can book Aaron's movie into NOW!!

Leads, names, numbers, addresses and any other information about local volunteer support/commitments for promotion, etc. need to be organized and shared with Aaron and Cinema Libre NOW!

Also, Aaron and I are in the process of delegating leadership responsibilities to key AFTF volunteers to ensure this 13-city rollout is a resounding success. We need key volunteer leaders to oversee some of the work across the country in the following areas:

targeting theatrical venues
organizing volunteer meetings
organizing private screenings
contacting endorsement contacts
organizing radio and television interviews
setting up newspaper interviews
flyer copying and distribution
promo dvd copying and distribution
volunteering at the theatres to pass out literature, etc.

All of this work will be coordinated between Aaron, Cinema Libre and our local volunteer leaders in each city. Please be ready to step up with open arms to help out and share some positive energy to make this happen!

Aaron and Cinema Libre want to complete this booking schedule in the next week!

Aaron Russo will be on our national daily AFTF volunteer conference call beginning at 6:26 pm Central time. Please be sure to join this call!!

Press "2"
Enter code
Press "#"

Thanks for your continued help and support!

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
AFTF National Volunteer Coordinator
312-602-2568 w
847-878-8090 c


Anonymous LEB said...

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing this!

8:02 PM  
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