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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ron Paul Overnight Update From Brian In Maine...

Brian wrote:

Just an update on how the July 3rd overnight went for my area. A humble group of 3 of us started at roughly 9:30pm and targeted the Great Falls area were the fireworks go off. We covered every sign post and light pole as well as every other support rail on the bridge. We also covered a good portion of Main street in Lewiston up to the hospital, up Lisbon Street, Canal, Railroad Park and in Auburn Court Street, Main Street, Center Street and all grass areas, benches and parking lots in between were people would be hanging out. Shortly after 11 we were joined by another volunteer. We worked till about 12:45 and posted between 550 – 600 posters. I drove by the following morning to find the bridge which we worked so hard on was pretty much cleaned up. About 75% of those were gone. A side street by some pubs were also gone. Everything else was pretty much in tact. That night I saw very little of our efforts remaining but a few in key areas were still visible. Got a few curious people stop and ask what we were doing and gave them flyers to read and talked briefly. Security watching vendor tables in one park was pretty decent. We gave him information as well. I got the urge to leave one on the local IRS door and one was left on a local senators door. Over all I think we had a very enjoyable night.

How did you over night go?

We did a brief audioblog with Brian this morning - see below:

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