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Monday, July 02, 2007

A Libertarian In Republican Clothing

Congressman Ron Paul has been making waves and gaining supporters lately. Articles about him regularly appear on popular social networking sites, and he actually seems like more of a viable candidate than some Democratic fringe candidates. Of course, he is still polling below the margin of error in most states, but he’s got a large base of involved Internet supporters, and he brings a really interesting angle to the typically awful Republican debates.
So, how did Paul pull off the success he’s been able to achieve so far? And why do I think he will be in this race for a while yet? Simply put, he is a Libertarian candidate running as a Republican, and that gives him the opportunity to tap into the independent political spirit in America while retaining the money and publicity that comes by running within one of the main parties. He gets the best of both worlds. Click here for more.


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