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Friday, January 05, 2007

Get Sirius: Republic Broadcasting Network on Sirius Radio

Our AFTF MD State Coordinator came up with this brainstorm:



Mel Karmazin
Chief Executive Officer
Sirius Radio

We the undersigned request that SIRIUS Satellite Radio provide The Republic Broadcasting Network ( with a channel on your Satellite radio with a 24 hour broadcast with all Programs and host left to the Program Director now programming RBN.

The Republic Broadcasting Network has a unique line up of shows that are not heard on other networks. These shows are educational as well as timely.

RBN already has a very large listening audience over shortwave, fm and internet and would only grow with it's introduction to Satellite.

We agree that those of us that do not have a SIRIUS Radio, will purchase a Sirius radio and subscribe to your service as long as RBN is on your network.

We will also suggest to friends to follow likewise.

With the following signatures, we think you will find it a very profitable venture for your company.


The Undersigned


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