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Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 Global Fingerprint Dragnet Launched

Britons to be scanned for FBI database

Paul Harris in New York, Jamie Doward and Paul Gallagher
Sunday January 7, 2007
The Observer

Millions of Britons who visit the United States are to have their fingerprints stored on the FBI database alongside those of criminals, in a move that has outraged civil rights groups. Click here for more.

Brazil reacts against these measures:

Brazil to fingerprint US citizens
Someone giving their fingerprint
US travellers will face tough immigration checks in Brazil
A Brazilian judge has announced that US citizens will be fingerprinted and photographed on entering the country.

Judge Julier Sebastiao da Silva was reacting to US plans to do the same to Brazilians entering the United States. He made the order after a Brazilian government office filed a complaint in a federal court over the new US immigration measures. Click here for more.

All of this is on the heels of this story from last year:

Millions of children to be fingerprinted

Jamie Doward, home affairs editor
Sunday July 30, 2006
The Observer

British children, possibly as young as six, will be subjected to compulsory fingerprinting under European Union rules being drawn up in secret. The prints will be stored on a database which could be shared with countries around the world. Click here for more.


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