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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Money of Cannibalism

by Anthony Hargis

There are people in this world who tell us that the Federal Reserve System is a kind of criminal operation, and that we should return to a gold-based currency. Do we need such an alternative? Are they joking? Or, are they engaged in an attempt to avert the extinction of the American people?


Government debt, in other words, is the process by which one generation of people financially cannibalizes its children, and generations of grandchildren to come. It is done without the consideration, without the comprehension and without the consent of those upon whom the burdens are imposed, and, with no benefits accruing to them. If this financial cannibalization is to succeed – if government debt is to be retired, it requires the utter annihilation of the rights, property and lives of Americans yet to come on the scene.


What can we do? There are two main things that must be done: 1) repudiate the dollar; that is, repudiate the debt that cannibalizes us and our children; and 2) hunt those people, who thrive on cannibalism, to the ends of the earth, and methodically prosecute them – with due process – and see what happens.

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