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Friday, December 08, 2006

Alabama Governor Announced Yesterday that Income Tax is Immoral

Gene Chapman Influences Alabama Tax Policy?

As reported by AFTF Volunteer and 2008 Presidential Candidate Gene Chapman who wrote:

"I heard on the radio today that Alabama Governor Bob Riley announced today that he now believes the personal income tax is "immoral" and will work in the future to push for its decline."

"I wonder where he got that idea? Surely, he didn't get it from me, the man who fasted 30 days outside his office against his proposed income tax and property tax increase in 2003 that hit news far and wide and got me on CNN twice. Surely it wasn't me, the man who brought Arron Russo's film to Judge Roy Moore's office down the street from the Capitol this past May and wrote Governor Riley four expansive letters over the past two years of the immorality of the personal income tax."

Gene Chapman


Our AFTF Alabama State Coordinator has reported that the number of public and private screenings of AFTF in Alabama has exploded in recent weeks. Gene's comments bring us full circle to May 15, 2006 when Gene, myself, South Dakota Judicial Accountability Initiative organizer Bill Stegmeier and a volunteer from Atlanta screened AFTF in a private meeting in Judge Roy Moore's "Foundation For Moral Law" in downtown Montgomery Alabama. That was the same day that the AFTF Volunteer Network began with Aaron's 3 hour "Coast To Coast With George Noray" interview.

Thank you Gene Chapman! May the south rise again and may slavery end once and for all-time!

Bill Stegmeier, Gene Chapman, Rich Hobson, Fred Smart, and Robert Ingle in Judge Roy Moore's Office

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Please view Judge Moore's commercial at this link.

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