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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wesley Snipes Conspires Against IRS

When I heard the news about Wesley Snipes facing charges of tax evasion, an immediate dilemma arose. Is this an opportunity? Or, is it a trap?

Was the mainstream media told it was time for another weapon of mass distraction and chose the wrong topic? If so, they have opened the door of opportunity to bring the tax issue into full view of the American people. Or, do the spin-masters arrogantly believe that it's a slam dunk conviction and decided to make this high profile case an example of what happens to you if you don't pay income tax?

As I read the various news reports, I noticed how cleverly they were constructed. See if you pick up on the same rhetoric intent of Claire Hoffman, of the L.A.Times

"The actor is accused of trying to cheat the government out of about $12 million by filing false returns."

"Trying to cheat..." The word "TRY" suggests a presumed failure and coupled with "Cheat" we know for sure that he's failed as a CHEATER, and so will anybone else who doesn't "pay their fair share".

In the next paragraph, words in italics are those that struck me as typical ingredients of a fine brew for formenting fear.

"Actor Wesley Snipes was indicted Tuesday by a federal grand jury in Florida on charges of attempting to bilk the federal government out of almost $12 million by filing false tax refund claims."

The word "Federal" is used twice. Let's beef up the power of that word, so that when the people hear the "Federal" in Federal Reserve, they will not challenge its omnipotence. I realize that I'm pushing the envelope here. I doubt they are THAT meticulous in their manipulation. Then again,...dunno. But I had to laugh as I read the
Boston Globe quoting US Attorney Paul I. Perez at a news conference.

"It's a conspiracy against the IRS, basically to harass the IRS, from doing its lawful job in terms of collection of taxes,"

So, Snipes is a cheater who is harrassing the IRS, conspiring against them, bilking the government for millions, and all THEY want to do is take what's lawfully theirs. You've got to admit; that's pretty slick manipulation.

Anything that challenges the emerging fascism is a conspiracy. The real conspiracy is the claim that everything else is a conspiracy.

There could be a number of reasons this story is hitting the news. From just being a fluke to Divine Intervention, it's a story that has many dimensions. Since I don't believe in accidents, luck or coincidence, I'm left to trust that the truth, even though not a high priority in politics, will be the victor. I am comforted in saying this because history has proved that arrogance is always the downfall of tyrants.

So tell me, what scenario do you see happening with Wesley Snipe? Would it not behoove him to see the movie, "AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM"

Liberty Lover/Freedom Fighter
Dan Wilder


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