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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We're Catching Fire

Committing oneself to a dynamic movement like the one this movie is generating has its perks. One of them is interacting with people that are able to wrap their heads around a simple concept...We DO have the power to make a change. Each have at their very core the integrity to do what's right and just. Each activist has a true concern and compassion for the millions of sleeping Americans that have not yet removed the wool from their eyes. They each get slammed on a daily basis for expressing that concern, yet are not daunted in the process. Because they realize it is a process, they persist. And persistence alone is omnipotent.

One such valient volunteer is Aaron Russo's Press Secretary, Ilona Urban Blakeley. She rarely gets to experience the results of her endeavors like listening to an interview or watching an opening of the movie in any of the theatres. In fact, she has not even met Aaron face to face. Yet, her passion to keep our nation from turning to total Fascism is empowered with remarkable fortitude. She faces more daily rejection than spam on the Internet. But, she understands why. From the front line of this mission to wake up America, she recently found the time to send an e-mail. Here it is:

"The Press Release was sent 2 days ago to 17,000 media outlets as AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM launches into 6 cities.

Guess what? Of 17,000 releases, one, yes one response for an interview!!!

I was told by a Dallas radio Producer yesterday, whose station is promoting the movie, that Aaron's movie isn't current news! So they declined to interview Aaron.

Since when did movies have to be current news??? Was "March of the Penguins", another documentary, current news? No comparison of course.

Isn't it "current news" that a grassroots movement is launching this movie around the Country? With or without the media's help?

The Nashville station which called a week ago to have Aaron on the morning drive show for an hour, called him at the appointed 5:30am (pacific time) yesterday morning to "interview" him for a full 10 minutes!

One aspect of the "Delphi technique" is to make people feel isolated, like they're the only one who thinks a certain way. Perhaps that's what's happening here. By refusing to give a voice to a phenomenon, they want us/people to think we are the only ones--outcasts, wackos, etc.

Don't believe it for a minute!! We're catching fire!

Denver is still playing well, and as the opening theater in Portland ends it's run, another Portland theater is preparing to open AFTF.

I've had calls from interested CO volunteers who are looking for theaters outside Denver.

Our own (SC) Amanda Moore and a vigilant group of Volunteers are putting together a showing in Charleston. That run will be Oct 17, 18, 19. Please support her and tell anyone you know to make it to her opening. I'll send a follow up email to you to let you know where it's showing and the times.

We're expecting L.A. to be huge. Many public radio stations (as opposed to commercial stations) have "been on this", and Aaron has been on several of their programs with great response from the listeners.

In Phoenix a week ago, Aaron was supposed to be on the morning drive show for 30 minutes. He closed the show 2 1/2 hours later! The Host said they have never had their phones lines stay lit like that. The callers just kept coming!

This is truly being grass roots driven.

These are all "interesting" bits of information I'm sharing with you. But the truth is we have, in this film, the potential to change the entire Country. We are in desperate times folks.

Last night, I was on the phone with the third lawyer this week, who has been following the movement of AFTF on the internet and on blogs.

Of German-Jewish descent, her family was part of the Resistance, and some paid with their lives. She has come forward to help because she doesn't want this Country to go the Route of Nazi Germany.

There is a Dallas Lawyer, who also told me a couple days ago, he is considering cutting back or getting out of his Law practice altogether to do what ever it takes to restore the country.

We are so grateful to see how this film is bringing Patriots out of the woodwork once they realize what is at stake here, and they know there is a network of us with whom they can stand shoulder to shoulder.

Some of you who are political scientists can explain this much better than I, but the "Bell Curve of Public Opinion" states just like a bell curve we all studied in school, we have the 2 very thin 3% "tails" with the "bell" in the middle, when the tail gets to 5% , the bell exponentially shifts.

So our job is to help get the information out to 5%, so as to shift the curve.

I say it frequently, and will continue to think and say, "Thank You Aaron for being a truth teller"! Thank you for giving us this work as a fundamental educational tool.

Let's not squander this opportunity! At the rate things are moving, there may never be another chance.

Yours in Freedom (what's left of it),

Ilona Urban, Blakeley

Press Secretary to Aaron Russo"

I'm sure that I am joined by countless names and hearts when I say, "Thank you,Ilona, for your dedication to liberty and determination to wake up America!"

Liberty Lover/Freedom Fighter
Dan Wilder


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