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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Yesterday, I wrote about Wesley Snipes being indicted for tax fraud. I was in a quandary as to whether it was an opportunity to bring the subject into full light of the American Public, or if it was a diversion. I was spinning my wheels. How did I resolve the issue? I didn't.

While some of us look at the trees, others are able to see the forest. Aaron Russo sees the forest. He was on the conference call last night. He listened anonymously while we chatted about petitioning the IRS and other related issues motivated by our good intentions. You know what road is paved with good intentions, don't you"

When Aaron finally spoke, he firmly revealed to us the bigger picture and reminded us that we MUST concentrate on SHUTTING DOWN THE FEDERAL RESERVE. Nothing else is going to make a difference. We no longer have a Bill of Rights. All the petitions, demonstrations and chatter about other issues are futile. They won't make a bit of difference.

Last night, George Bush put another feather in his cap and a bigger ball and chain on us. By signing bills S 3930 and HR 6166, called the Military Commissions Act of 2006, there are now rules that would allow the once unlawful detainment of prisoners deemed "High Profile" to be lawful even though the Supreme Court ruled against them. (To find our more about what this bill entails read what Amanda Allen, senior psychology and political science major from Goodlettsville, Tennessee and administrative vice president of the SGA wrote in the Western Kentucky University Herald.

There are already some 80,000 names that cannot board the airlines. Is your's one of them? Your gut should be wrenching about now. While you debate over how to protest the war, or petition the IRS, or wonder how Wesley's going to fair, pay attention to the weight of that ball and chain. You can't take it off.

So, good luck to Wesley, but the whole episode is amother distraction. It will not make any difference whether he wins or loses his case with the IRS. To battle the IRS is a debilitating distraction. We all know the power of the IRS, but there is a much greater power that feeds the IRS. The supreme authority that rules this country is wielded from a veracious beast we've been feeding for 63 years. Imagine a beast with more arms than a giant squid, more greed than Midas could begin to muster and more lust for power than Adolph Hitler could ever dream. We GAVE the Federal Reserve permission to make money out of thin air and so it does. Whoever makes the money, makes the laws. AND, it's not any more federal than the Federal Express.

The really sad part is that Americans living from pay check to pay check actually believe that the money they're paid for their hard labor has value. It does have value; about 4 cents on the dollar. There's nothing to back it up. Nothing. The cartel of bankers behind the Federal Reserve are really the government. Corporations ruling the masses is called "Fascism". That's what we got, folks. Fascism.

All the disturbing issues that we chat about are backed by incredible wealth. Follow the money! Your money! Wealth is the ascendancy. Thus, the only way to be effective is to go to the source of that wealth and cut it off. Consolidate all your concerns into one simple source. The Federal Reserve has grown to become a republic eating Goliath because we have all been sleeping. Even those that have been awake have been shamefully complacent. Now we are awaking. And, we are angry. But, even our rage can be redirected and diverted. Make no mistake, this has been a long-range plan and great forethought was given toward keeping control even after we begin to discover the truth. Simple, really. Keep us divided, polarized and distracted.

Those in power know that "united we stand - divided we fall" is not just a platitude, but a sure way to keep the public from having any knowledge of the real agenda. The anti-war movement has the best of intentions. Though making some political headway, their recognition of the fascist remaking of society is stubbornly absent. Going through the motions of protest as usual while all of society is being remade underneath our feet is to abandon our responsibility to the future of humanity.

The movie, AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM plainly reveals that the people behind the Federal Reserve are at the root of America's decline. This profound and startling revelation is getting no press whatsoever (duh). The unnerving but undeniable truth will empower you with knowledge that wealth cannot buy.

Certainly, wealth is power. But so is knowledge. Knowledge followed by action our last chance. At this point,it is the ONLY weapon we have to stop the system that was designed to enslave us. It is imperative that every American, concerned or not, view this film. It is a tangible and pragmatic opportunity to galvanize the public as ONE powerful entity. Not Republicans or Democrats, Left or Right but – Americans.

Knowing this, you don't have to try and convince anybody of anything about all the different issues, or your view on conspiracy theories. You donÂ’t have to belittle the republicans or praise the democrats. Just spread the word to see the film. With enough people KNOWING that the root cause of our decay is the beast we have unwittingly fed for 63 years, we have a chance to save this country by using the power that we have as united individuals taking action and SHUT DOWN THE FEDERAL RESERVE! WAKE UP!!

As Aaron states, “Once we remove the head of the beast, the truth of all the other issues will automatically fall into place.” Today, we have the power.
Tomorrow, I'm not so sure.

Liberty Lover/Freedom Fighter
Dan Wilder


Blogger Chapman For President 08 said...

it seems it would be a good natural fit for Aaron Russo to get ahold of Wesley Snipes and make a documentary of this situation....make it in to his next big movie.....Volume 2 as he calls Russo in contact with Wesley Snipes?

11:55 AM  
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