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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Denver Ranks Right Up There With Austin Texas As Key Market For AFTF

October 1, 2006

Denver, CO

Unbelieveable! Packed houses. Standing room only. People
clammoring for tickets. That was the scene at Denver's premiere
as Aaron received praises from the crowds waiting in the lobby.

Aaron "hit the ball out of the ballpark" with his interviews on the
Peter Boyles and Michael Corbin shows previous to the premiere.
Phone lines were jammed with callers and Boyles experienced one
of the highest volumes of emails ever for his show.

The crowds came from as far away as Cheyenne and Aspen to see the
show and most stayed afterwards for the Q&A giving Aaron several
standing ovations.

I'm sure Aaron left Denver with a new appreciation of the liberty
loving people of the Rocky Mountain region!

Tom Hemenway
AFTF Colorado

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Here is a audioblog of my conversation with Tom yesterday


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