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Sunday, October 01, 2006

AFTF Oregon Opening Synopsis

Picture of Seth, Manager of the Clinton Street Theatre, and Dede Farrell, AFTF Oregon/Portland Coordinator

Dear Team,

We had a great opening here in Portland on Friday! Full house of about 225 people on the first show. I recorded footage for TV with thank you's to Aaron, which will air on PCM cable access soon. This footage is on it's way to Aaron with hope of some of our clips getting into a national commercial for promoting the film.

Please get on the daily conference call for national updates, listen in or speak up. We need you. It is a grand opportunity, after administrative agenda items are cleared for the day, to listen and learn from highly aware and educated leaders and speakers. It also gives one great hope to know we are in an awesome network of Americans who understand, care, and are being effective in changing the playing ground for the average person. Together we will be victorious. Believe it or else! Call is 4:26pm PST daily at 702 851 4044, then option 2 followed by pin 1626356#.

The response from the audiences coming out of the theater are amazing. One person ysterday said, "A person is just not the same after seeing this film". America: Freedom to Fascism will be released before Thanksgiving on Internet pay-per-view and DVD. Google video may be included as well. That should all rock this film into households across the globe. It is very exciting. Go to for news on other cities opening.

Please be in touch with me with your ideas for bringing this film to colleges, Universities, church groups or other organiztions. There are systems in place for a variety of ways to show the movie, including using it to raise funds for your projects, as well as supporting the promoting of the film. I want to extend a very special THANK YOU for all the volunteers who work with me across the state and here in the city to make our movement in Oregon a success. These are the rubber meets the road people and I'm so appreciative of your efforts. Thanks again. Thanks also to those of you who traveled from far and wide to be here with us this week-end. Your caring and concern is huge! It means everything to America.

God Bless Us All. Our new slogan is, " One Family...One Movement...Freedom for All!!!"

Love and Light,

Dede Farrell
AFTF Oregon

Here's my blog interview with Dede yesterday which reviews the successful Friday premier on 9/28.

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Anonymous A big fan said...

Thank you very much Fred Smart the greatest blog reporter of all time!

9:36 PM  
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