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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Aaron & AFTF Volunteers Meet At Lone Lantern Society's Meeting in Chicago

The Lone Lantern Group Snapshot

Aaron Russo spoke at a local meeting of the Lone Lantern Society (LLS) last night. I and many other local Chicago AFTF volunteers are either members of LLS or have worked closely with other LLS members on various projects such at the conference in Chicago last June. LLS members have been very active and supportive in our quest to distribute AFTF flyers and promotion DVDs at various meetings and events around Chicago. Special thanks to LLS Founder, Gary Franchi, for inviting Aaron to another great meeting.

Chaplain Akbar, Gary Franchi, Aaron Russo and Ja Far

Chaplain Akbar and Ja Far are the organizers behind the ICE Theatre screening of AFTF to benefit inner city kids scholarship programs.

LLS Founder, Gary Franchi, with Aaron Russo

LLS "9/11 We Fight For You" Video Presentation

Click here for more information about LLS.


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