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Sunday, July 01, 2007

only ONE presidential candidate can pull off the upset in the 2008 election. Ron Paul 101

2008 United States Presidential Election, dark horse candidate Ron Paul

This message is for my new and loyal readers, start thinking about Ron Paul if you need a breath of fresh air and tire of the usual suspects.

Ron Paul Iowa Debate Exclusion

As you may know, the Iowa Republican debate forum recently made a point of excluding Ron Paul from participation. The debate featured six presidential candidates, yet only 600 of 1250 expected attendees made a showing. If you’re wondering why no one showed up… I’ll give you a hint: people are tired of the same old sh*t!

Rumor has it that Ron Paul’s event had over 1000 attendees and who could blame ‘em? I guess Iowans aren’t idiots after all, and shame on you if you jumped to that conclusion based on Ron Paul’s exclusion from the debate! Though, I have to admit, it was a pretty dumb thing to do. Given the turnout for Ron Paul’s gathering, I’d say that Iowa citizens are smarter than your average bear! Seriously: it takes brains to make sense of Libertarian political thought and most Americans gave up on thinking long ago.

Libertarian success - Ron Paul wins Iowa debate in my book

Click here for a great compilation of information and videos on Ron Paul.


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