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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oh What A Night!

Ron Paul Blames 9/11 on Blow Back

Raw Story titles the story "Giuliani: Suggestion 9/11 was invited is 'absurd'". In my mind, the important story here is a disappointing one: that Ron Paul didn't speak out for 9/11 truth.

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Vote For Ron Paul At MSNBC

MSNBC has an interactive "rate the candidates" poll at their site. At this point, Ron Paul is the runaway leader with 65% positive ratings.

Vote For Ron Paul Here

Also read more at Daily Paul.

Text message FOX NEWS that Ron Paul won the debate

Please send a text message to the number 36988, with the text "R7" as the body of the message. R7 represents Ron Paul. Send your text message in now!

From Daily Paul.

Debate Reaction

Good god, is that man brave. And he will reap the benefits of it.

I don't have Dr. Paul's courage; when he started talking tonight about the consequences of America's interventionist foreign policy, when he asked how we might react if a foreign country built bases on our soil, when he mentioned blowback--I started to fear for him. I thought for a moment, "well, maybe that's that." The crowd reaction was pretty rough. But I was wrong, and I believe in him now more than ever.

Right away, he took the lead in Fox News' own text message poll. (Texting, I suppose, was supposed to weed out those pesky Paul supporters.) Then I started reading comments on Politico, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. It's everywhere.

As of midnight, Ron Paul had slipped to second in the Fox poll, with 26% to Romney's 27%, and who knows if/when the results will actually appear. But even at second, that's an overwhelming victory. Dr. Paul went into the lion's den here, he took a horrid beating from Fox, and the official line isn't fooling anyone. He won. And we know it.

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Ron Paul Debate Video Now Online

Watch Ron Paul take on Rudy Giuliani here.

From NBC's Mark Murray

COLUMBIA -- After we finished interviewing South Carolina Republican Gov. Mark Sanford (more on that later), we spotted several Ron Paul supporters outside the statehouse handing out fliers and DVDs about Paul and his record. Across the street, in fact, was an RV -- decked out in red, white, and blue -- with the words "Ron Paul Revolution" on it.

When we opened up the DVD that one of the supporter handed out, the insert inside of it said: "Watch it, copy it, and pass it on. Our country DEPENDS on it."

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Fox Reports - Viewers Decide: Ron Paul Leads GOP Poll!

Priceless look on Sean Hannity's face...

He was preparing to tell Fox News viewers which right wingnut among the ten Republicans had won the debate according to the poll so far among the Fox viewers - when he learned that the text votes to date had placed RON PAUL in first place! With 30% of the vote!

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